Covid-19 compliant training

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, safety measures have been implemented by the CDC and other governing bodies, until an unknown future date. This includes 1 to 1 ratio practice with gloves, hand sanitizer and masks, which means no face to face practice with a training partner in close proximity (as is common). No mouth to mouth practice (if typically required for the specific course). Students are spaced out at a minimum of 6 feet from other students. Zoom (distance learning) training may be offered, depending on course type and requirements.

Zoom-based training

Some courses can be provided through the Zoom training option. Courses that do not require written test compliance. The equipment that is needed for the training (ie: Manikins, Epi-Pen trainers) are dropped off in advance to the student. The training is provided with the instructor supervising and offering encouragement and correction over the Zoom portal. This can be offered for individuals, we well as groups. Contact us for more info.


meet your instructors

They can't wait to meet you!

Shannen Enos Pousada
  // Owner

Shannen is a nurse, and has worked in the Emergency Department since 1993. She teaches all American Heart Association & ASHI disciplines. She is also a POST certified Law Enforcement instructor, a Wind Safety instructor, and a Respiratory Fit Tester. Shannen enjoys connecting with students, to give them a better understanding what they are learning. She provides friendly and engaging courses. She is very proud of Enos CPR Services, and what it has grown it to become.

She loves that although the product her business promotes is intangible ... IT SAVES LIVES!

Shannen works with a variety of industries to promote life-saving learning.

Learn more about Shannen in her interview with Opportunity Fund

Lori Gilkerson

Lori came from the Dental field, and has been Shannen’s right hand since just after Enos CPR opened in 2007. Lori genuinely connects with people by bringing knowledge and friendliness to her classes. Now that her children are grown, in addition to teaching, she also works part-time as a preschool teacher, which she loves. Lori was a Foster parent for many years, and is very comfortable teaching safety for children. She teaches all AHA courses, as well as ASHI. Lori has been an instructor since 2008.

Gary and Linnette Fian

Gary and Linnette Fian are a bilingual husband and wife team who are certified occupational safety specialists (COSS). They have a combined 50 years of safety and training experience. In 2009, they opened their own safety consulting firm. They serve clients in English and Spanish, across a multitude of industries, from Aerospace to Zoos. They provide variety of safety related services, including OSHA courses and on-site evaluations, to help their clients create and maintain effective safety cultures. Website:

Jason K.

Jason has more than 20 years of experience in Emergency Medicine, Law Enforcement, and Public Safety, including assignments to Basic and Advanced Life Support, Neonatal and Critical Care Ambulance Units. He is a graduate of numerous Tactical Medical programs, and is currently assigned to a Special Operations Unit as a Tactical Medical Specialist. Jason has extensive instructional experience in many aspects of Emergency Medicine, CPR/ / AED/ First Aid, Tactical Medicine, Wilderness Medicine, and Pre-Hospital Care. He has a passion for teaching, and he has instructed programs for all levels of citizen rescuers, Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical, Fire Service, Military, SWAT, and Special Operations personnel. Jason has travelled and trained extensively both domestically and internationally, and currently works in Emergency Medicine as well as Dignitary and Executive Protection.

Samantha Reinholdt

Samantha first entered the medical field in 2012 as a certified medical assistant and phlebotomy technician (professional vampire). She instantly fell in love with the industry, and wanted to learn more…. so I\she went on to complete her EMT in 2014. For the past 5 years, she has been working with various industries, preforming First aid treatment and education for job related injuries. Through teaching a wide variety of OSHA and CPR/First aid safety classes where she found her passion for teaching. She believes knowledge is power, and if it’s taught in a fun & entertaining way, that everyone will to want to learn more.

Cindy Abercrombie

Cindy says she has been lucky enough to work in the field of her childhood dreams. She’s been in ski patrol, worked as a lifeguard, and has been in EMS since the 80’s, as both an EMT and a Paramedic. She has been an EMS instructor, and began teaching for the AHA in 2005. She teaches all AHA disciplines, as well as a variety of Paramedic competency courses.  

David Fagin

David Fagin first entered the medical field as an EMT in 2008, and has been a paramedic since 2015. He loves working as a Paramedic, however, teaching is his passion. It is very important to him to stay current with all the new advances in medicine and wants to help others do that as well. In his spare time from work he loves to travel, hike and snowboard. Most everywhere he goes with his dog, Ragnar. He rescued him and now he rarely leaves his side. 

Jerome Cobert

Jerome Cobert is a certified National Safety Council Defensive Driving Instructor as well as a consultant in fleet management, work place safety and security. Jerome has twenty years of combined federal, county and municipal law enforcement experience. Jerome loves teaching both young and experienced drivers, working with fleet managers and training supervisors and managers in a variety of safety topics. Jerome combines his experience, training and love for teaching to deliver high quality programming that is rich in value.

Elizabeth Benton 

Elizabeth has officially been an instructor since 2015, but has been around the safety world since she was a little girl. She loves working with people, helping them feel more confident. She currently lives in Georgia with her husband and little boy, where she runs her own successful CPR training business, Lizzie Bee CPR. Elizabeth’s primary training is through the American Heart Association. She teaches BLS and Heartsaver courses. 

Jason Johnston

Jason has worked in the Pre-Engineered Metal Building industry as a Safety/Environmental Coordinator for more than 10 years. He is currently enrolled in an Associates of Science, Occupational Safety and Health program. He is an Emergency Medical Responder and will complete his EMT certification in 2020. He is an OSHA Outreach Instructor for 10 and 30 hour Federal and California General Industry classes. He is passionate about the health and safety of employees, and loves providing relatable training that is immediately applied in the workplace. He enjoys sharing his knowledge of occupational safety with others. He lives in the Central Valley of CA with his wife and two daughters. He enjoys family camping trips, barbecuing and playing ice hockey. Jason teaches CPR/AED/First aid and OSHA courses.  

Erica Perez

Erica has been working in the medical field for more than 20 years. She is a bilingual instructor, fluent in Spanish, and has been teaching since 2015. She loves helping people, so teaching how to save lives came naturally. She believes in the importance of having confidence in your skills, and knowing that comes from regular practice and learning. She looks forward to bringing fun and learning together, in English OR Spanish, at your workplace. Erica teaches AHA and ASHI courses. 

Krysten Enos

Krysten has been an AHA instructor since she was 17! She has been around CPR since she was a young child (her mom is the owner). She is a full time college student, and teaches when needed. She is definitely a people person, with a vibrant smile, and willingness to assist when someone may need help. She enjoys meeting people and feeling that she makes a difference.

Ireland Enos

Ireland has been an AHA instructor since she was 17! She taught CPR classes even before finishing high school. Since her mother is the owner, she was around CPR training at a very young age. She is very confident with her skills, and is always willing to give extra assistance, when someone may need help. She teaches AHA courses, including BLS and Heartsaver.

Good Samaritan Laws

When an emergency happens, a Good Samaritan is a person who voluntarily tries to help, without expectation or compensation. Good Samaritan Laws are intended to protect those who offer assistance of any type from being held liable if their actions end up causing unintended harm, or the outcome is poor.

Without laws to protect people trying to help when a sudden emergency occurs, many would walk away, for fear of being sued (or worse). In many emergencies, a delay can mean the difference between life and death. Good Samaritan Laws are intended to encourage people to help each other in emergency situations, before EMS arrives, but also to act responsibly whenever doing so.

Good Samaritan Law in California

In the state of California, the Good Samaritan Law falls under California Health and Safety Code Section 1799.102. This law states that when a person renders emergency care and acts in good faith without expecting compensation, they can’t be held liable for their acts or omissions.

The exception would be if their acts demonstrate gross negligence or wanton misconduct. For example, the Good Samaritan could be found negligent if they CAUSED the accident/emergency in the first place, or if, during help, they INTENDED to make the situation worse, or cause unnecessary harm.

Before 2011, this law only protected individuals who were required to help when off-duty (nurses, law enforcement, EMS). The law has since been amended to protect people ANYONE who offers voluntary help of any kind. This includes non-medical scenarios such as clearing traffic, staying beside someone to let them know they are not alone, helping someone out of a vehicle or calling 911. It protects those who do CPR and those who own and use AEDs. It also protects the worker who assists a coworker while on-duty.

Good Samaritans are incredibly important. Without them, the outcome could be extremely poor. They are the first to provide help and call 911. There are Good Samaritan laws in all 50 states, as well as on international waters (cruise ships) and in the air (while on planes).